Month: April 2015

Merriam-Webster defines mother as “a female parent.” This definition is in no way wrong, but since Gerald Peters is a family-run business, we here feel like the word mother means so much more. We had to keep searching. Finally, we found the perfect definition –and on Urban Dictionary, no less! A submitter on the site defined mother as “the… read more

Nothing says “a girl’s best friend” quite like diamonds, and the Roberto Coin Collection is full of them! Want to give a gift to your special someone, but aren’t sure of where to look? Roberto Coin is the solution! At Gerald Peters, we have a fine selection from this exquisite jewelry range, and we will… read more

The Jennifer Lopez Collection by Endless has arrived at Gerald Peters, and it is a collection unlike any other. It’s the newest and latest in jewelry design, and the experts at Gerald Peters will help you select the pieces that best suit your style. Edgy and bold, or classic and chic; there are countless options… read more