Month: September 2016

With the start of breast cancer awareness month upon us, Lokai has teamed up once again to help fight to find a cure.  The newest Lokai, in a fabulous raspberry hot pink, supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which works tirelessly to find a cure as the highest rated breast cancer foundation in the U.S. Since… read more

Engagement rings are considered to be the most important purchase of your life- it is something you will wear every single day for the rest of your life. Some people may argue that and say a house or car is more important- however the average American will own over 12 cars in their life and… read more

The Beginning: Robin and Sam’s story began years ago at Robin’s 18th birthday party. The two were introduced through a mutual friend and quickly became very close. Sam became a close friend not only to Robin, but to her sister as well as the rest of her family. Because of this close friendship, Sam and… read more

The Backstory: Justine and Mike have been dating for two years but their story is one that started over eighteen years ago. Their families had always been good friends; Mike’s mom walked Justine to kindergarten, her dad was Mike’s orthodontist, and Mike was her brother’s basketball coach. They were always a part of each other’s… read more