Month: January 2017

Gone are the days of women only lusting after the traditional round stone engagement rings. With the growing desire to wear something unique, brides-to-be everywhere are seeking out less traditional, more adventurous stones in unique, less common cuts.  We’ve rallied our GP bridal experts to round up the most popular fancy shapes in engagement rings… read more

The beginning:       Kelly and Eric have been together around 4 years. The two never should have crossed paths, but when Hurricane Sandy hit, floods displaced Kelly’s office. Because of this, she had to work in the hospital where Eric worked- proving that sometimes the even most unfortunate situations can lead to something… read more

The Beginning:         Anthony and Emanuela met each other through family members- Anthony’s nephew was dating Emanuela’s best friend. After getting to know each other through their mutual connections, it became clear that their connection was something special. They’ve been dating for four years now. The Perfect Proposal, according to Emanuela:         “It happened on… read more