When people think of wedding rings, usually the woman’s ring comes to mind first—a gold or platinum band, often with diamonds, something she can be happy to wear forever. But what about the mens wedding bands? Lately, many men opt for trendier, less durable, non-precious metals, such as steel or tungsten, but why should their… read more

Carats are the unit by which diamonds and other gemstones are measured (not to be confused with karats—click here to read our last post for more about the gold karats). Though carats can often give an indication of the size of a diamond, carats are not a measurement of dimensions but are actually measurement of… read more

Nearly 75% of all gold used globally each year is for jewelry and comes in varying karats. Karat, not to be confused with carats (used to measure the weight of a diamond or gemstone), is the percentage of pure gold a mixture of metal is.   Pure gold is 24kt and although Bruno Mars sings… read more

The concept of birthstones as a means of expressing individuality have been around for centuries. The first mention of twelve distinct stones used to represent months can be found in the book of Exodus Moses had a brother Aaron, who wore a ceremonial breastplate adorned with four rows of three precious stones to represent the… read more

Spring has sprung and rose gold is in full bloom! With this beautiful color seemingly everywhere, you’ve probably wondered—what exactly is rose gold? According to Sotheby’s, rose gold made its first appearance in 19th century Europe in the form of Fabergé Eggs, which were beautiful and ornate creations owned mostly by royalty. It quickly became… read more

Gone are the days of women only lusting after the traditional round stone engagement rings. With the growing desire to wear something unique, brides-to-be everywhere are seeking out less traditional, more adventurous stones in unique, less common cuts.  We’ve rallied our GP bridal experts to round up the most popular fancy shapes in engagement rings… read more

So, you’re thinking about getting engaged. Time to start ring shopping… but how do you keep the proposal plans under-wrap without knowing her ring size?  Fear not, future fiancés! Gerald Peters has all the sneaky, stealthy tricks for figuring out what size her finger is without her catching on. Ask a friend/sister/mom– chances are someone… read more

Engagement rings are considered to be the most important purchase of your life- it is something you will wear every single day for the rest of your life. Some people may argue that and say a house or car is more important- however the average American will own over 12 cars in their life and… read more

By now, thousands of people have seen and read the sad story of a couple who thought they were getting an incredible deal. After making what should have been one of the happiest purchases of their life, the pair found out that they were sold a stone worth much less than they had paid and… read more