Mother’s Day

Alex & Ani: Starting price at $18 Alex and Ani’s newest “Because I love You” designs are sure to wow this Mother’s Day. Available in the class Rafalean gold and silver tones as well as rose tone, these bangles are beautifully designed with flowers to represent the important women in your life. Stack these bangles… read more

Looking to wow mom this Mother’s Day, but stuck on what to get? Look no further, because Gerald Peters is here to help with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016. We know sometimes it’s hard to really capture your mom’s unique style and taste, so we’ve picked out our favorites from a variety of brands… read more

Merriam-Webster defines mother as “a female parent.” This definition is in no way wrong, but since Gerald Peters is a family-run business, we here feel like the word mother means so much more. We had to keep searching. Finally, we found the perfect definition –and on Urban Dictionary, no less! A submitter on the site defined mother as “the… read more