July 5, 2016

By now, thousands of people have seen and read the sad story of a couple who thought they were getting an incredible deal. After making what should have been one of the happiest purchases of their life, the pair found out that they were sold a stone worth much less than they had paid and… read more

June 13, 2016

Carissa and Matt’s story is one that has a special connection to Gerald Peters- once upon a holiday season, the two met at our Pandora store. Matt worked with Carissa for about two weeks in Pandora before he shifted to Gerald Peters. Though they only knew each other briefly and no longer worked in the… read more

June 7, 2016

“Art is the beauty of life. Love is the soul of nature.”   As residents of this small island where everyone seems to know everyone else, we tend to forget just how beautiful Staten Island can be. We may sometimes be known as the “forgotten borough” but our slice of New York is filled with… read more

May 3, 2016

Alex & Ani: Starting price at $18 Alex and Ani’s newest “Because I love You” designs are sure to wow this Mother’s Day. Available in the class Rafalean gold and silver tones as well as rose tone, these bangles are beautifully designed with flowers to represent the important women in your life. Stack these bangles… read more

April 28, 2016

Looking to wow mom this Mother’s Day, but stuck on what to get? Look no further, because Gerald Peters is here to help with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016. We know sometimes it’s hard to really capture your mom’s unique style and taste, so we’ve picked out our favorites from a variety of brands… read more

April 19, 2016

“It was the most valuable wine bottle I will ever find –a 2016 ”G & F, Will You Marry Me?” Gabrielle & Frank, The Romantic Winery Story   Growing up, Gabrielle and Frank had the same friends and went to the same parties. On countless occasions they were at the same place at the same… read more

March 20, 2016

Today, March 20th, is National Proposal Day, and in this new generation, social media is our almost instantaneous go-to after saying yes. Posting a picture of your gorgeous engagement ring online has become an expected norm for proposals. In honor of National Proposal Day, we put together the dos and don’ts of taking the perfectengagement… read more

March 18, 2016

Introducing Shinola Gerald Peters is proud to now offer Shinola, the nationally-recognized luxury watch brand whose aim is to redefine American luxury through American quality. “The story of the Shinola brand, its factory, and “built in Detroit” products may be a blueprint for how to save elements of American industry, or perhaps represents a mere… read more

March 10, 2016

“She called us an inspiration… It truly was a beautiful night.” Lori & Stephanie, The Inspiration Story It was a night in 2011 when Lori went to see the country rock band Antigone Rising  at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey that her life changed. Lori was standing in the crowd with a… read more

March 8, 2016

Alex and Ani’s Charity by Design has marked its fifth year donating money to different charitable organizations around the country and is proud to announce that the total number donated has reached $30 million this year! Gerald Peters is is one of Alex and Ani’s largest business sources when it comes to sales, having been… read more